Why Use Toner?
Do you have a long-forgotten bottle of toner sitting on your makeup counter? Not sure if you need to use toner? The 7 awesome reasons you need to use it are inside....
Retinol Ages Your Skin?
Did you know that retinol-based products can age your skin in the daytime? Still not convinced? Take a look at this article to find out more...
What You Need to Know About Hairloss
Think it's always men that lose their hair, or wondering why it is happening to you? We uncover the truth!

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mineral makeup

How To Find the Best Mineral Powder Foundation: 3 Top Picks

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What Does Face Toner Do? 7 Awesome Reasons You Need It!

If you're anything like me, you'll be looking at products one day either on your bathroom shelf, in a magazine, or in a shop,…
side effects of retinol creams - retinol

Side Effects of Retinol Creams – They Can Age Your Skin!

Most of us are aware of the uses and functions of the "anti-ageing" substance retinol, but if you aren't, here's what it does. Firstly,…

Can Sunscreen Cause Rash?

Most of us know from various sources that we should wear sunscreen when we go out into the sun, to protect our skin from…

The Causes of Mouth Ulcers: You Might be Surprised

What are mouth ulcers? They’re unsightly, white patches/sores inside the mouth - either on gums, the tongue (or under it - ouch!) or inside…
hair loss

Causes of hair loss for women – what you need to know!

It's such a personal thing, losing hair. We're all used to seeing men losing their hair at their temples or crown, and responding by…
dry skin on hands

Dry Skin On The Hands – How To Cure It!

Ever have dry skin on the hands, so dry that they crack and even bleed? Why are those little cracks so annoying and painful?…

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